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New Baltic Amber Necklaces & Chokers
New Baltic Amber Necklaces & Chokers
New Baltic Amber Necklaces & Chokers
New Baltic Amber Necklaces & Chokers
New Baltic Amber Necklaces & Chokers
New Baltic Amber Necklaces & Chokers

New Baltic Amber Necklaces & Chokers

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These Genuine Baltic Amber necklaces are worn against the skin to diffuse naturally occurring Succinic Acid. This is a mild pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and mood relaxer which makes it great for teething and BEYOND!

I have applied this affect on adult pains and suffering like anxiety,  restlessness at night time, and body aches for all walks of life. Myself, and countless mothers swear by Genuine Baltic Amber helping their children from the young teething years and well into childhood. I have even heard Baltic Amber can calm morning sickness with pregnancy! 

What is Baltic Amber? Baltic Amber is tree sap that has aged over millions of years to harden into a solid resin. Sometimes bugs and things get stuck in the resin for a very rare peek into the past.  Each piece is unique and divinely created by Mother Nature. She has sprinkled them around the Baltic Sea to tumble in the waves and wash up on the shore for us to find and enjoy. Man then polished it into little balls and drilled holes through it so it can be worn as jewelry. 

All of this Baltic Amber is NOT color treated in any way!  Amber naturally forms in different colors depending on materials and environment of which it was formed. Did you know only about 2% of all amber comes out in greenish hues?

Popularized as a teething aid, they can be worn to help regulate moods and growing pains through the toddler years! 

Great for school age kids that need a little relaxation to pay attention and ease every day tensions

Genuine Baltic Amber from the far away lands of the Baltic Sea, these ones specifically come from Lithuania 

All of my amber necklaces are made with a standard safety twist clasp. Please message me if you are interested in a custom fitted metallic clasp.

Sizing Adult sizes start at 15 inches for a slim choker, 18 inches are a pretty universal comfortable fit!

Do not chew *Children must be supervised at all times while wearing anything around their neck* 

Can I shower in my Amber? Go for it! I wear mine 24/7/366 only removing it to switch pendants or deep exfoliation. You can absolutely wear your showering and swimming. It is fun switching out the colors for the seasons too! 

Wearing your Baltic Amber Once on, you can leave it and forget about it!  We swim, shower, and sleep in ours! Be mindful metal pendant adornments may not like chlorine and harsh situations like ocean water.  I think leaving it on is better for the longevity of the plastic safety clasp, the on and off puts it through more wear and tear. But these are a tool, so use them! Enjoy them! Use them however you want! Recycle them into something else when their time with you ends! The Baltic Amber itself never expires 

Know before you buy 

*Do not over tighten to preserve the twisty clasps. Once your claps stops, stop twisting it*

*Children should be supervised while wearing at all times*

*Please keep in mind these are natural stones, some variants in shape, color, and chain length may occur*

*Please measure to ensure fit before purchase, these are a non returnable item. If one happens to not fit, please share with a loved one that may enjoy their calming benefits* 

*Upon purchasing you acknowledge and assume all safety precautions and liabilities, please wear safely*

*I do not personally assemble these, they are available to be customized through pendant selection only as of now*