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Gallery of Highlighted Creations

Queen of Herks Amulet 

Radiant Herkimer Amulet

Cosmic Eye ~ Herkimer 

The last ever Opalite Moon

Siren Song 

Black Hole Sun

Fallen Star 


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Heart of Maui 

Golden Sunset 

Scuplted Shapes 

Aquamarine Amulet 

Upcycled Wallets and Bags

Naturally Fallen Skull

Custom Creations

For custom creations please send a detailed message through the button to your left.  Your own stones and treasures are a  welcomed addition to your piece.  Please note customs are limited especially during the Holiday crunch. If project is approved, a 50% deposit must be made before production can start.  Please allow up to 6 weeks for custom to be completed.