New Spring Collection has bloomed! March Aquamarine Birthstones now available in minis and rings!

About Me

I am Gaia.  My name means Earth and Happiness and
I really think that about sums it up because that is me.
  Enjoying life as a self employed single mother building a future one hand made creation at a time~

Operating out of the woods of
Ringing Rocks Park, Pennsylvania

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One of my very first  wraps

Nomad on Rout 1 California

Baby's First Dig

Wesley Loveland age 2


       Once upon a time, I quit my serving job and moved out west.  I had no plan, but I found my way! I ended up partnering up with some travelling artists and living on the road. 
     They showed me the Rainbow Family, mining tips, and even introduced me to the art of coil wire wrapping.  Since then, I have been going with the flow and learning tricks of the trade as organically and lovingly as can be! 
     I sold my first few creations on rainbow blankets at farmers markets all across the country.  I learned to not need much, just enough to keep the journey rolling!


      I do not know if one can put a finger on it, but I have some kind of uncontrollable itch to travel and live freely!  I want to instill these values in my young son, as we embark on life together.
      We try and say YES to as many travel opportunities as possible!  In Wesley's young life, we have already hit Colorado by car and by plane, New York for mining, and even Maui for a work exchange on an organic farm/ homestead!  
       Many more trips lie ahead of us as I pursue new treasures to incorporate into my creations.  I want every piece to tell a story and inspire the adventurous spirit!



    A few years ago, I went on my first mining expedition in Herkimer, New York.  I pulled dazzling little gems from the earth, off the ground, from creeks, from everywhere! They twinkled at me from all angles, even when I closed my eyes. 
      Since this dig, I have fully submerged myself in the energies of Herkimer Diamonds.  They have sparked so much creative interest and continue to dazzle me to this day. They are a huge part of my personal growth, spiritual journey, and the heart of my business! 
       With great pride, care, and LOVE, I borrow these high vibration gems from Mother Earth.  I want to share their light and beauty with all! A bio card come with each Herkimer Diamond order from my shop.  


       My life's mission is to spread positivity and inspiration.  I do that through my art and more specifically through my wire work.  These are not just accessories, they are adornments with great love put into them.  
        In the near future I hope to take my work on the road and live that Van Life with my son before he gets too big.  I only have a small window left before he will have to start school.  
       Summer 2020 I am manifesting a suitable vehicle and a workshop so we can come and go while we collect, produce, and share creations! 



Policies and Additional Info


All sales are final,  but please let me know if there is anything I can do to fix any discrepancies you may have! 


Cancellations must process prior to shipping!  Custom Projects may be cancelled but deposit will be forfeited as those resources may have already been spent on materials for that specific project. 


All orders ship within 1-4 business days.  Tracking info is sent by request only.  

Expedited and international shipping is available, additional fees will apply.

Ringing Rocks Mint is not responsible for stolen packages!  If your mailbox is not secure, please reach out to opt for signature-required delivery.  


Space for customs is limited and subject to seasonal demands.  Please send a detailed message of your vision and budget.   All inquires will be reviewed and a quote will be made.  A 50% deposit is requested before production can begin.  Customs can be cancelled but deposits will be forfeited as those resources may have already been spent on project materials.  

Recommended Care 

As with most metals,  store in a cool dry place.  Direct sunlight, salt, and moisture will tarnish just about everything including sterling silver. Be gentle for optimum longevity.  

A jewelry polishing cloth is a great way to bring new luster to your pieces! 

For raw copper pieces,  you can do a quick buff with very fine steel wool.  Avoid contact with stones. Wear proper safety gear!