New Spring Collection has bloomed! March Aquamarine Birthstones now available in minis and rings!

Special Bundle for Maria

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“Final list:
2 dark herks on poison amber chains
Light herk on black cherry
2 olive mini beads dark 18"
2 calico 18"

(Blue labradorite still has their separate listing) 


Story Sale Specials:

Dark Herk Mini on Poison Choker  55

Dark Herk Mini on Poison Choker 55 

Light Herk Mini on 24” Black Cherry 49 +15 chain upgrade 


Plain Amber Bundle: 

2x Olive Mini Beads 18 inch necklaces $38 x2

2x Calico 18 inch necklaces $30 x2 


GRAND TOTAL $310 lets call it 305 plus a FREE gift! I have an Amber Ring to send your way to match all your new treasures! Thank you so much Maria!