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Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS
Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS

Mountain Mama Full Moon Gathering TICKETS

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 What is the Mountain mama Full Moon Gathering? 

This destination getaway will be a one of a kind adventure in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia! Women of all walks of life are welcome to gather under August’s Full Moon to embrace and appreciate guided tours of the great outdoors and each other's unique company.  By the end of our time together, may we all part with a warmth of wonder for this underrated state and a feeling of connectedness with our fellow woman. 


Thursday August 11 through Sunday August 14 

Gathering location will be sent via welcome email for all of our privacy. Venue is located in:

Mount Nebo, West Virginia

Right outside the newly opened New River Gorge National Park 


What does my reservation fee cover? Short answer: Almost everything. Long answer: 


LODGING: Ladies, welcome to my neck of the woods!  I have rented out 2 small cabin properties at the base of a hill hidden off of the main road.  It is easy to find the entrance to.  Once you turn in, you are submerged into a lush mossy hideaway! (In fact, this is the same little cabin I stayed in when I first tasted and fell in love with WV. It’s magic, promise.) General Admission will be camping, later on, you may choose to upgrade your stay to 1 of the 4 cabin beds available.  Indoor cabin space is very limited, but it will provide the lot of us with shared food prep facilities and restrooms. You may choose to car camp, hammock, or tent camp on the mossy lush forests surrounding the communal space.  


There is also a nice flat fire circle for our group activities and a camp fire, of course! Cars will all be close by, no long hikes in and out of camp. This also allows for easy locking up of valuables as we head out for the day. 


Did I mention there’s a hot tub?


FOOD:  Given there is little to eat round these parts… let alone healthy things…. I am happy to prepare locally sourced produce and healthy meals for all of my guests!  Food is a love language of mine, trust me it’ll be way better than all of us fending for ourselves individually. I promise to prepare meals with gluten free and vegan options.  Please do not hesitate to bring your own snacks or things to add to our overflowing pot! 


GROUP TOUR GUIDING:  You’ve probably seen all my Instagram posts.  Let me show you some of these spots in real life! During our short weekend together, I want to show you 2 major gems of the area!  Ladies, please do not blow these places up on your geo tags, let’s keep them a secret between us!


Excursion 1) Friday, Summersville Lake,  our destination highlight in the middle of August! Just a few minutes from our camp, we will hike out to a cozy spot to enjoy the warm and clear waters of the lake! There will be rock faces for sunbathing, casual rock climbing, and small cliff jumping if you feel so adventurous.  This our day to play and just chill taking it all in! I have every intention to wrangle water craft for all of us this day! They may be manual or morotized TBD


That night, coming back to base camp sun kissed and hungry, we will have dinner and light a ceremonial Full Moon blaze for a FIRE DANCE, elaborated below


Excursion 2) Saturday, I am taking you ladies on a more technical hike to a recluse waterfall within the  moss and ferns! It’s not that long of a hike but it is not a trail per say. This will be more of my Goddess Gathering style adventure that some of you may have attended on summer afternoons on creeks in PA.  This is our time to let loose and have a water nymph picnic in the forest.  I welcome you to wear and do whatever makes your heart happy here. This is a safe place and judgment free environment for all bodies and spirits. 


After our forest adventure, we will have dinner meeting us over at my favorite sunset location! We will enjoy a birds eye view over the river, the classic coal train railroads, and the New River Gorge itself as the sun sets on our time together.  


ACTIVITIES:  Upon arrival we will have some ice breaker type group activities to warm us up, don’t be shy,  we are friends this weekend! There will be smaller activities around meals and excursions to encourage a peaceful and confident mind, body, and soul connecting to Nature. I have the intention to organize mini informational workshops and seminars surrounding women’s health and well being for us to enjoy here and there. 


FIRE DANCE:  There is something primal about dancing around a fire, let's dive into that!  Join me under the Full Moon for a wild woman release. BYO drums, flow arts, and bells if you got em, we are welcome to let loose in these woods here, nobody can see us! (This is also an excellent time for burning something you want to let go, and welcoming new energy into your life, please take full advantage of this opportunity!) 


EXCLUSIVE GIFT:  Your reservation will guarantee you a NEW one of a kind Ringing Rocks Mint necklace of about $75+ in value.  I have yet to decide on the style and gems within this gift, but I want it to be a versatile and timeless treasure to commemorate our time together. 


PRIVATE GROUP:  A private Facebook page will be created just for attendees to keep in touch and hopefully connect for interstate carpooling!  I really hope the burden of  travel can be shared with friends traveling the same paths! 


I will also open a google photos album for easy sharing between all of us!  I have the intention to bring my nice camera for mini photo shoots and creative expressions during our whole weekend! 


WASTE MANAGEMENT:  In efforts to be as eco friendly as possible,  I will personally collect and drop off applicable recyclables to our local recycling facilities. I know it sounds strange, but a lot of waste management and recycling is only available if you deliver it to a recycling facility. 


VIBES: You know how like everything real cute. I plan to arrive early to set up tiki torches, fire wood, and make the space as cozy as possible for us to enjoy! I also really want to make leaf and flower crowns at least once this weekend! 


CHILDREN:  Please keep in mind there will be some rigorous hiking and possible nude ladies for small eyes.  But I would LOVE for this to be a mother-daughter memory to make!  All Babies under 2 may tag along with mama as long as she is ok to carry them and juggle car seat arrangements! Young ladies 3-14 there is a mother- daughter bundle ticket just for you!  All ladies 14+ please have your own ticket accordingly. 


No dogs



-Lets aim to be as eco friendly as possible!  Please limit single use plastics, environmental pollutants such as mainstream sunblock and fragrances. Please no littering of nature-tinkle tissues. 


-Pack out what you pack in, Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints! One person picking something from the forest probably won’t be noticed, but if we all picked something, the scale old be too much to sustain! 


WEATHER NOTES: we are in a shady grove, it’s not going to be sweltering heat all hours of the night. It might even get chilly to be honest. But during the day you want to be prepared with lots of drinking water for summer heat! In case of a quick summer storm, we can use the cabin porches for cover as they pass. 



-Water supply, the cabins have city water which you can drink if you want but nothing beats having a 5 gallon jug of your preferred water from home! 


-Reusable camp plates and silverware!  I just straight up don’t believe in plastic ware and throw away plates.  Please bring your own mug, bowl, and fork to wash and reuse all weekend! (small cabin kitchen is equipped with soap and hot water) 


-Refillable water vessels enough for all day excursions (approx 2 x 32 ounce bottles+) Nobody is passing out here.  Please keep yourselves WELL WATERED.  


-Backpack for excursions, you WILL need them for water bottles and everything else you want to enjoy on our adventures! 


-Hiking and Water shoes, While so much of WV is pristine wilderness, we have some bad eggs that ruined the bunch.  Broken glass from alcohol bottles is an unfortunate obstacle for many accessible water areas…


-bug spray, and tick repellent 


-outdoor blanket/ sitting mat/ yoga mat for meals and picnic. Maybe even a light sheet to lay over you as a natural bug repellent during summer nights


-you may have an opportunity to throw a kayak/paddle board on the lake if you have one


-Bring a life jacket/PFD if you have one! It makes swimming on the Lake so much more relaxing


-please feel free to express yourself. Break out the sundresses, fairy wings, your favorite top, no top, Viking braids…  WHATEVER makes your heart happy!  “Extra” is welcome and encouraged here


-flow arts, instruments, whatever else makes your heart happy! 

IF YOU WISH TO EXTEND YOUR STAY IN WV: please feel free to linger in the area after our cabin rentals expire!  There is plenty of camping in the area and tons of cute little Airbnb’s!  I can point you to literally infinite hiking recommendations we did not have time to enjoy together! 




35% of ticket price is your non refundable deposit 


Cancellations before July 1, all but your non refundable deposit will be refunded 


Cancellations after July 1,  50% of ticket price will be available for refund 


By purchasing your ticket you are agreeing to these above terms


Upon arrival, a release of liability will also need to be signed per individual 


My promise to you is to do my absolute best fulfilling these event expectations. I want us all to have a magical time and lasting memories! Thank you for joining us on this adventure and trusting me with this opportunity to host you!