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Brighid Silver Obsidian and Moonstone
Brighid Silver Obsidian and Moonstone
Brighid Silver Obsidian and Moonstone

Brighid Silver Obsidian and Moonstone

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I paired the Silver Obsidian and Moonstone together for a full-moon-on-atropical-island kind of vibe. I picture the volcanoes on the island pushing out from an ocean that is glowing white under the luster of the Full Moon!

Obsidian is volcanic glass made when lava cools rapidly.  Depending on the minerals in the lava, different colors and shimmer affects can be frozen in time of formation!  This silver sheen obsidian features a neutral and unisex palette and anti-negativity energy.

Named after the goddess Brighid, this magical and intricate design is ready to join you on an enchanting adventure! Each Brighid pendant features my signature double coil wreath around a center stone with an eye set on the bail. They are bold and sturdy, elegant and enchanting in the most earthy ways!

Who is Brighid? There are many spellings to her name, and many legends but I will do my best to summarize!  I like to visualize a maiden sitting near a stream in a field of grass, a rich green cloak draping around her while she admires the first little blossoms of spring. There are three sisters all called Brighid, sometimes they stand alone, sometimes they are represented as a singular triple goddess and sometimes even a saint. In essence,  Brighid is the Goddess of poetry, magic, wisdom, craft, healing, and protection.  Brighid is the protector over women in childbirth which has tied her to watching over the whole hearth, home, and domesticated animals. She goes hand in hand with Imbolc in early February celebrating the half way point from the Winter Solstice and first day of Spring!  You may have also seen a Brigid Cross, featuring a woven square at the heart with 4 outstretched arms tied at the ends. It is with great honor to the Goddess and to the Earthly seasons that I create and name my favorite design “Brighid”

Made from solid copper, a dense labor of love to weave

Featuring Silver Obsidian as the center stone

Featuring Moonstone as the protecting eye 

Will fit Baltic Amber and copper chains