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Herkimer Diamond Protection Necklace
Herkimer Diamond Protection Necklace
Herkimer Diamond Protection Necklace

Herkimer Diamond Protection Necklace

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So I made one of these for my son when he was a babe, then my mom wanted one, and my mother in law, and some friends… and now its my most popular neclace! Herkimer Diamond & Baltic Amber 




The Baltic Amber is unique and dual purpose as the amber releases a calming and pain relieving compound called Succinic Acid. This Herkimer-Amber combo was meant to bring peace firstly, and be pretty secondly. But of course you can just wear your pendant with any chain you like, check out the drop down menu! 




Shown on 18 inch Olive Baltic Amber 




Wrapped in solid copper, antiqued and polished by hand 




Will Fit Baltic Amber Chain Options 




I go mining for my own Herkimer Diamonds, you never really know what you’re going to find! That being said, I only have a few twinkly gems like this. Grab em while I have them because I don’t know when the next mining expedition will be, nor do I know how many pretty ones we will find! 




Why choose Baltic Amber vs metallic chain? 1) the amber is great for sensitive skin, they're metal free and the beads disperse the weight of your necklace for a super comfy adornment you virtually never have to take off! 2) have you heard what Baltic Amber can do for anxiety, restlessness, and pain?! Opting for Baltic Amber is not just for fashion, it is for an over all calm over the whole body with the use of a naturally occurring compound called Succinic Acid found in these ancient tree sap nodules 3) they’re unique, handmade, and made of ancient tree resin, they’re a splash of eco friendly goodness! 




What makes the Herkimer Diamond special is their distinct density and radiant clarity. They are almost as hard as actual diamonds and they come out of the ground naturally faceted with solid glassy features. Herkimer Diamonds are known in the metaphysical world as a “physical manifestation of pure radiant light” and are closely associated with the crown chakra and finding your truest self. When worn on the body especially over the heart, this stone offers high vibrational healing, cleansing, amplifying, and protective energie. Whether you wear them with spiritual intentions, or for their objective crystaline beauty, they are a unisex and easy to love earthen treasure!




For more info on how I go mining for these stones in Herkimer, New York, visit profile Highlights on Instagram