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Herkimer Diamond Drop
Herkimer Diamond Drop
Herkimer Diamond Drop
Herkimer Diamond Drop

Herkimer Diamond Drop

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A brilliant crystal clear Herkimer Diamond set in signature Tidal waves style wrap for an effortlessly elegant wear every day

Wire is Sterling silver .925, made in USA

Matching solid sterling chain .925, made in Italy

Comes in her own gift box ready to share for the holidays! 

Actual chain may clary depending on your selection above.  Shown on 16 inch gossamer chain option

What makes the Herkimer Diamond special is their distinct density and radiant clarity. They are almost as hard as actual diamonds and they come out of the ground naturally faceted with solid glassy features. Herkimer Diamonds are known in the metaphysical world as a “physical manifestation of pure radiant light” and are closely associated with the crown chakra and finding your truest self.  When worn on the body especially over the heart, this stone offers high vibrational healing, cleansing, amplifying, and protective energie.  Whether you wear them with spiritual intentions, or for their objective crystaline beauty, they are a unisex and easy to love earthen treasure!

For more info on how I go mining for these stones in Herkimer, New York, visit profile Highlights on Instagram