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Druid Mini ~ Labradorite
Druid Mini ~ Labradorite
Druid Mini ~ Labradorite

Druid Mini ~ Labradorite

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Introducing the new “Druid” design ~ We named this design “Druid” to honor the earthy and magical spirit behind the Word as well as the Art. These ethereal swirls feel like they were forged by the fairies under toadstools and mossy stumps. I like to think they were made for the Elves (or You if you feel like adding a little whimsy to your day). 


The name Druid comes from ancient Celtic legends and has come to split into two main understandings of the word. Once upon a time, the Druids were an elite class of learned individuals often teachers, judges, and priests. They were written into legend as magicians and wizards, the most notable you may have heard of is Merlin. Today, Druid can also name a person within a religious group of Druidry or Druidism. This spiritual ideology focuses around appreciating and preserving the precious Earth all around us. 


Featured Gemstone: High Quality Labradorite 


Framed in hand woven solid copper wire (proudly made in USA materials) The piece is processed to darken metal, then polished by hand to bring out the highlights.


Comes in a decorated gift box, with chain of your choice 


Care: Copper is pretty easy to care for. Store dry and cool ei not in the bathroom. For best results avoid chlorine and salt water situations. Waterfall frolicking or a shower won’t hurt your pendant. 


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