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Herkimer and Olive Amber
Herkimer and Olive Amber
Herkimer and Olive Amber

Herkimer and Olive Amber

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NEW Olive Baltic amber beaded chain adorned with a BIG BEAUTIFUL removable Herkimer Diamond, framed in timeless solid sterling silver

Herkimer Diamond energy card included with all orders!

Shown on olive 18 inch chain option. Dm to swap with any other chain you'd prefer! 


Genuine Baltic Amber contains naturally occurring Succinic Acid. To diffuse, simply wear directly against the skin! This can offer pain relief and a calming affect over restlessness or anxieties

🐣 SAFETY concerns~ All of my amber necklaces are made with a safety release clasp! This is especially important for infant safety. If a little one gets snagged, they are designed to snap off! *Children should always be supervised while wearing anything around the neck* 

Do not over tighten. For more info visit my profile highlight on Baltic Amber 

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