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Goddess Theia Labradorite Pendant
Goddess Theia Labradorite Pendant

Goddess Theia Labradorite Pendant

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Named after the Greek titan Theia, the deity that endowed gold and gems with their brilliance and intrinsic value. She is strongly associated with sight and light itself, it just felt right to name these glowing pendants after her. She is the daughter of Uranus, God of the Sky itself, and Gaia, goddess of Earth. Theia's children are the Sun, the Moon, and the Dawn~ 

May these Labradorite pendants encapsulate all of this energy into a wearable piece of art. I hope you enjoy~

Created next to Appalacian wild waters

High quality genuine Labradorite gem, with rainbow moonstone accent

Solid copper wire, made in USA

Comes with 18 inch copper chain. Inquire for 24 or 30 inch chain swap. Will fit Baltuc Amber Chain